Adelaide Business Agents

Adelaide Business Agents

Confidentiality Agreement

I/WE the “interested party” / “buyer” understand and agree that all information provided by the Broker/ Agent is on a confidential basis and I/WE the “interested party” / “buyer”, agree not to disclose this information to any other parties; unless otherwise advised and agreed to.

I/WE the “interested party” / “buyer” will not approach and speak with the owners or the staff of the business(es) unless the Broker / Agent makes an appointment for any such meeting (s) and we will only negotiate the purchase of the business through the Broker / Agent.

I/WE the “interested party” / “buyer”, consent that the Broker / Agent shall be eligible for all commission payable to them by way of introduction to one or more business(es) the Broker / Agent has on its books, which are supplied and introduced to ME/US.

In the event of purchase of a business, I/ WE the “interested party” / “buyer”, agree to supply the agreed nominated deposit in the Broker’s / Agent’s Trust Account.

In the event of purchase , I/WE “interested party” / “buyer”, agree to supply residual payment in the Broker’s / Agent’s Trust Account, if agreed so between the Buyer and the Vendor.

Should there be need for additional information and should there be a cost for it; the Buyer agrees to pay such cost to the Broker, once the quote for the same has been supplied to the Buyer and the Buyer approves same. Such costs are payable by the Buyer on agreed payment and terms.

This agreement can be either physically or electronically signed off between the Buyer and the Broker / Agent and will be honoured for a period of five [5] years, from the date of signing.